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Activate and install McAfee Security from Bell on my computer


Downloading McAfee Security from Bell

Downloading McAfee Security from Bell

To activate McAfee® Security from Bell, you must download and install it on your home computer.

Download McAfee

  1. On your PC or Mac computer, click the button above to log in to MyBell.
  2. A new window will open with the McAfee Security My Account dashboard. If the page does not open check your Internet browser pop-up settings.
  3. Select the ‘+’ sign near the top of the page to install the software on a new device. my_account
  4. Select whether you want to install the software on a PC or Mac and then click Download.

  5. Select the product you'd like to install and click Download.

    McAfee Security from Bell Good comes with your Internet service. If you've subscribed to additional options, these will also be listed.

  6. Read and accept the License Agreement and copy your serial number.

    Important: you'll need your serial number to install the software.

  7. Click Download and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: If you subscribe to McAfee Security from Bell Better or Best editions, you can also install it on your Android and Blackberry devices.


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Installing on a PC


Installing on a Mac