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Change my receiver's resolution to 4K

To set your TV's resolution to 4K: 

  1. Press the menu button on the Bluetooth Slim remote. The Menu screen appears. 

  2. Press the down-arrow button on the remote and to scroll to Settings and press the select button on the remote. The Settings screen appears.

  3. Press the down-arrow on the remote to scroll to Audio and visual

  4. Use your right-arrow button to scroll to TV resolution
  5. Press the select button on your remote. The TV resolution settings screen appears.
  6. Use the right-arrow button to scroll over to the resolution options.
  7. Use the up and down-arrow button to select the desired resolution for your TV. We recommend 4K UHD (60 fps) (for 4K TVs).

    Note: If you are using a 4K receiver on an HD TV, select 1080p high definition. Your TV will not display 4K content.

  8. Use your left-arrow button to scroll to and select Continue.
  9. Press the Select button on the remote. The Aspect ratio and high definition start-test screen appears. 

  10. Select Start Test and press the Select button on the remote.

    Note: This test checks that your TV is capable of displaying the selected resolution. It will take approximately 15 seconds and the screen may turn black during this time. 

  11. If you are able to display the selected resolution, a screen will appear to confirm this. Use your down-arrow to scroll to Keep Setting and press the Select button on the remote.

    Note: To change your resolution setting you must select Keep Setting within the 15 second test-time.

  12. If your TV is unable to display the selected resolution or if you take longer than 15 seconds to select Keep Settings, you will a new screen displaying
    • Start test again: Select this option if you took longer than 15 seconds to select the Keep Settings option. The test will run again for the resolution that you last-selected.
    • I saw a black screen. Choose another setting.: Select this option if you saw a black screen during the test. This indicates that your TV is not able to display the selected resolution. You will have the option to select a new resolution  and then re-test it.

    Note: Check if the HDMI input on your TV is 4K (HDCP 2.2) compatible. For more information, please consult your TV's manual or your TV Manufacturer.