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Connect my Windows 7 computer to Wi-Fi

To connect to your Wi-Fi:

On your computer:

  1. Click the Windows Logo.
  2. Click the Control Panel icon.
  3. Click Network and Internet.


  4. Click the Network and Sharing Center.


  5. Click Setup a new connection or network.


  6. Click Connect to the Internet. The Set Up a Connection or Network screen appears.
  7. Click Next. The Connect to the Internet screen appears.  


  8. Click on Wireless.


  9. Click on your Wi-Fi's network name and then click Connect.


  10. If you would like your computer to connect automatically to your Wi-Fi, click on the Connect automatically box.


  11. Type the Security Key an click OK.

    The Security key is your Wi-Fi's password. You can be find it on a sticker that is attached to your modem.

    If you can not find your sticker, read our Find my Wi-Fi network name and password article.

  12. The Connect to a Network window disappears and you are connected.