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Customize my TV channel guide

You may wish to customize your TV guide so that you only see the channels you and your family watch most often.

To Customize your TV channel guide:

  1. Press the MENU button on your FibreOP TV remote. The MENU screen appears. menu
  2. Use the down-arrow button on the remote to scroll to Settings and press the OK button. The Settings screen appears.

  3. Use the right-arrow button on the remote to scroll to Customize guide.

  4. Press the OK button on the remote. The Customize channels screen appears.

    customize channels
  5. Press the up or down-arrow button on the remote to scroll to the channel that you want to stop displaying in your TV guide. 
  6. Press the OK button on the the remote to select a channel. A check mark appears beside the box next to the channel name. 
  7. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until you have selected the channels you want to display in your TV guide.

    Note: If you select a channel in error, you can deselect it by scrolling back to the channel and pressing the OK button on your remote.

  8. Use the left and up-arrow button button on the remote to scroll to Save.


  9. Press the OK button on your FibreOP TV remote.  
  10. Press the EXIT button on the remote to resume watching TV