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How to use Bell email

Benefits of Bell email

Here are some benefits of your new Bell email.

  • A calendar feature along with a task feature
  • From the Calendar tab, you can add different types of calendars and create events or appointments
  • From the Tasks tab, you can create different task groups and add new tasks
  • Easily sort your messages by sender, subject or date by clicking the column headers
  • Attachment view: see all attached files in your inbox in one place, making them easier to find
  • When composing a message, easily search your contact list to add a recipient
  • Optimized for mobile devices with expanded mobile browser support

Importing accounts

Writing a new email message

Replying to or forwarding messages

Formatting emails

Attaching files

Signing in to Bell email

Working with Bell email messages

Changing the view of your Mail screen

Adding an appointment to the calendar

Creating a new calendar

Adding a new task or task group