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My Pay-Per-View rental is not playing

You may only watch a pay-per-view rental at the scheduled start time.

Check the scheduled start time of your pay-per-view:

  1. Press the GUIDE button on the Fibe TV remote.

  2. Use the number keys on the remote to enter the pay-per-view channel number for your rental: 301 or 549.

  3. Use the left or right-arrow buttons on the remote to scroll through the pay-per-view titles until you find your rental.

  4. Press the INFO button on the Fibe TV remote. The Program info screen appears.

  5. Check on the Program info screen, the scheduled start time is below RENTED: ONE TIME SHOWING. If RENTED: ONE TIME SHOWING is not visible on your screen, it may mean that the pay-per-view was not rented. You can try to rent the pay-per-view again.

  6. If you are still  having difficulty playing your pay-per-view, Contact us for help.