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Program the LAST button to take me back to the last channel I viewed

Your Fibe remote is pre-programmed to display a list of the last-5 channels you viewed. You can change the behaviour of the LAST button to automatically bring you to the last channel you viewed.

To change the LAST button:

  1. Press the yellow triangle A at the bottom on your Fibe remote. The Settings screen appears.
  2. Press the right arrow button to select Television.
  3. Press the down arrow to select Recent channels.
  4. Press OK


  5. Press the right arrow to scroll to the LAST button options.
  6. Use the up-and-down arrows to scroll to one of the following options:
    • Show last five channels viewed: This option will show the panel of 5 channels previously viewed
    • Do not show last five channels viewed: This option will take you to the last channel viewed



  7. Press OK to select your preferred option.
  8. Press the left arrow button to select Save.
  9. Press OK.