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Search for on-demand content

Use the search function in the on-demand library to find specific on-demand events, movies, TV shows and series:

  1. Press the ON DEMAND button on your Fibe remote.

  2. Use the down-arrow button on the remote to scroll to Search.

  3. Press the OK button. An alphabet grid appears.

  4. Use the arrow buttons on the remote to key in the letters in the title of your show. A movie or show-list displays.

  5. Use the right-arrow button on the remote to scroll to your movie or TV show in the list of titles.

  6. Press the OK button to select it.

  7. On the Summary information screen, you can select one of the following options:
    • Rent (arrow): To order this movie or program and have the charge added to your monthly bill
    • Trailer (film): To watch a trailer of this movie or program
    • Wishlist (star): To add this movie or program to your list to watch / rent later