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Setting up a Dial-up Internet Connection on MAC OS 10.5.x / 10.6.x

Follow these easy steps help you to set up the Bell Aliant Dial-up service on your MAC OS 10.5.x / 10.6.x computer.

What you need before you start

  • A telephone modem installed and working. If you are not sure if your computer or laptop has a telephone modem installed, consult the documentation provided by the manufacturer or contact the manufacturer directly.
  • Your Bell Aliant username and password. If you don't know your Bell Aliant username or password, you can contact us for help.
  • The local dial up number. Please note the number as you will need to use it later.

Follow these easy steps

  1. At the desktop click the Apple icon, then System Preferences
  2. Click Network
  3. Click External Modem or Internal Modem on the left side menu.
  4. Enter Telephone Number, Account, and Password:
    1. In the Telephone Number field, type the local dial up phone number
    2. In the Account Name field, type your Bell Aliant username
    3. In the Password field, type the password for the Bell Aliant username you specified
  5. Click Apply to save the settings.