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Using Voice Commands with Fibe TV

Step 1: Fibe TV voice commands

Available voice commands can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Internet search – no Google sign-in required
  • Personalized Internet search – Google sign-in required
  • Navigation and content search – no Google sign-in required
    • Navigating live TV – channel tuning, Trickplay (for restarted shows), navigating the guide
    • Navigating to apps, settings menus
    • Content search

Note: search results don’t return any adult content.

You’ll find below the full list of commands you can currently use with your Google Assistant voice remote.

Universal search

To search across all your installed apps, press the Google Assistant button on your remote.

To search for TV shows and movies, try saying:

  • Game of Thrones
  • Seinfeld TV show
  • Show me Star Trek Picard
  • Aquaman movie
  • Angry Birds Movie 2
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Search for The Good Doctor

To search for actors, try saying:

  • Movies with Jason Statham
  • Show me Dwayne Johnson movies
  • Anne Hathaway movies
  • Movies with Tom Cruise

To search for genres, try saying:

  • Matt Damon action movies
  • Show me horror movies
  • Comedy movies with Kevin Hart

Change channels

To change channels using your voice remote, try saying:

  • Tune to channel TSN
  • CTV
  • Tune to channel 1401
  • Channel CP24
  • Tune to channel 1503


To navigate within Fibe seamlessly, try saying:

  • What’s on TSN?
  • Go home
  • Open settings
  • What's on now
  • Open guide
  • Show my apps
  • What's on CP24?

To navigate across different apps, try saying:

  • Open Crave
  • Open Netflix
  • Open Amazon Prime Video
  • Open YouTube


To control playback while watching live or On Demand content with Trickplay, try saying:

  • Pause
  • Play
  • Stop
  • Go forward 15 minutes
  • Go back 10 minutes
  • Go to 20 minutes
  • Turn on closed captions
  • Turn off closed captions

Power and volume commands

To control your power and volume, try saying:

  • Sleep
  • Volume down
  • Volume up 10%
  • Mute
  • Volume to 50%

Note: these commands only control the power and volume of the Bell Streamer. Controlling your TV’s power and volume is not yet supported.

Step 2: Enabling bilingual voice commands

If you want to give Google Assistant commands in both English and French, you can add a language in your Google account.

Note: currently only English and French are supported.