At Bell Aliant, security is very important to us! We protect your personal information using data encryption, user authentication, and secure data storage.

To view bills, pay bills and request online changes to your local service features via the Internet, it is necessary that your Browser uses "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) to ensure the confidentiality of your information. SSL allows you to communicate privately using advanced cryptography to encrypt (scramble) what you send or receive from us. Your Internet browser is required to use the 128-bit version of SSL which provides the strongest, most secure form of encryption that is available in Internet browsers on the market today.

About 128 bit encryption:

  • Equated to the real world, sending information without encryption is like sending a postcard through the mail - the contents are visible to practically anyone who wants to see it. Using this analogy, 40-bit encryption is like sending the information in a plain white envelope. 56-bit encryption could then be equated to using a security envelope that is printed to prevent it from being see-through.
  • Relative to these strengths, 128-bit encryption could be compared to encasing your data in a lead-lined, 12-inch thick titanium safe that is being transported by an armored tank with a convoy of a hundred armed guards.

To ensure that your personal telephone account and billing information can only be accessed by you, every time you access your account, you will be requested to enter your log in email address and password. If five attempts are made to access your information using an invalid password, access to your account information will be temporarily suspended.

Controls exist to ensure that your data is stored on a Bell Aliant database that cannot be viewed or modified by methods other than those approved by Bell Aliant. Importantly, your personal information is NOT posted to a publicly accessible Internet Web site.