Get more from your phone with calling features

  • Get popular calling features included in a bundle or with Centrex Phone Service
  • Customize your Single-Line Phone Service by adding the calling features you need 

Popular features included with Centrex service

Included feature Description
Call Forwarding Send incoming calls to another telephone number.
Call Park Put a call on hold against it's own number or at another extension number then retrieve that call from any extension.
Call Transfer Transfer a call to another person.
Call Waiting Hear a call waiting tone to notify you of an incoming call while you are on the line.
3-Way Calling Connect 3 parties on a call / conference.
Call Hold Place a call on hold.
Last Number Redial Redial the last number called.
Ring Again Your phone will automatically monitor a busy line and notify you once the line is free.


Add even more features 

See who's calling before you answer

Included in a bundle
Reg: $8.00 / mo.

Get your messages by phone or by email anytime, anywhere

Included in a bundle
Reg: $11.50 / mo.

Add more storage space to your voicemail box

/ mo.
With a bundle
Reg: $6.00 / mo.