Voicemail (with voicemail-to-email)

Get your messages by phone or email anytime, anywhere

  • Have your messages sent to your email inbox
  • Check your messages using a touch tone phone
  • Get notified when you have a new message

To order call 1-844-294-3926

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$ 11.50 / mo.

Get your messages by email

  • Listen to your message using the audio attachment sent to your email inbox
  • Save or forward your messages to others

Get your messages by phone

Check your messages from any touch tone phone:

  • From your business: Dial *99
  • In Atlantic Canada: Dial 310-MAIL (6245)
  • In Canada: Dial 1-888-576-0033
  • Anywhere in the world: Dial your home phone number and press 5 when you hear your voicemail greeting1

Manage your messages

  • Review, store and delete messages
  • Save up to 30 messages for 28 days
  • Manage your messages online

Personalize your Voicemail

  • Record or change your personal greeting
  • Change your Voicemail password

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