Pure fibre Internet, the world’s very best Internet technology, is available for businesses.

"Fibe boosted our speed for free and customers love it. Everyone wins."- Leslie Wilber-Campbell, Strides Health & Fitness Club
“Fast Internet and incredible savings are a perfect match.”- Gerry Lye and Tanya Dwyer, Olivia’s Bridal

The world’s fastest Internet technology.

100% fibre straight to your business

Fibre makes the Internet travel at the speed of light. It's the best and fastest Internet technology, and Bell Aliant brings it right to your business.

Symmetrical speeds

Only Bell Aliant offers a large selection of speeds that are as fast, whether you’re downloading or uploading.

The best Wi-Fi technology1

With our latest Bell Hub, you’ll enjoy a strong Wi-Fi signal, with faster speeds, better coverage and better performance, as well as the ability to create guest Wi-Fi connections.

Made for multitasking

Plenty of speed for all your business devices, 24/7, so you can do more and make more.

Fast response time

Powered by a technology with low latency, pure fibre Internet is perfect for POS transactions, conferencing and e-commerce.

Future-proof technology

A service that will keep getting faster and that is ready for the advancements of tomorrow.

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