Incredible features

Incredible features that deliver the best TV experience

  • HD’s stunning picture and sound
  • An easy-to-use TV guide
  • Amazing apps that let you interact and share while you watch TV
  • PVR that lets you pause, record and play live TV from any room in your business
  • See the five most popular shows watched on Fibe TV

Explore the features of Fibe TV

Whole Business HD

Play the video

Crystal clear picture and sound

  • Feel the action with DolbyTM surround-sound
  • Immerse yourself in pictures 10X sharper than regular cable
  • 1080 pi (progressive interlaced) image
  • Wide screen format to fit your HD TV

HD on up to 7 TVs 

  • Enjoy HD on up to 7 HD-capable TVs, once you subscribe to it
  • Get your first HD receiver FREE1
  • Immerse yourself in the action in any room in your business
  • 80+ HD channels

Already have Fibe TV?

Change your TV services

  • Update channels and Theme Packs
  • Add more TVs / receivers
  • Upgrade to HD or PVR
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