Keep your phone number and save if you're closing up your business for the season

  • Keep your current telephone number and directory listing
  • Avoid the cost of reconnection
  • Arrange your start and end date in advance

Half the price of your monthly phone line*

Easy and convenient

  • Choose your temporary suspension dates
  • Leave all your hardware and connections in place  - no service call required
  • Suspend 1 or all of your phone lines 

We can suspend your phone service for:

  • A minimum of 1 month 
  • A maximum of 11 months

Follow 2 steps to temporarily suspend your service:

  1. Choose your disconnection and reconnection dates
  2. Contact us to complete your request

We'll place your service on hold and automatically reconnect it for you on your requested dates.

Do you have a business bundle with internet or standalone internet service?

No problem - tell us when you submit your request

If your phone is in a bundle or you have standalone internet tell us if:

  • you want to keep the internet service active
  • you want to disconnect your internet service when you place your phone service on temporary suspension