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Create an order

Once you have logged into the MAC Order System you can move, add or change any of your existing telephone services using the Create Order link. This will launch the MAC Order form to allow you to easily send through your request to your Bell Aliant Service Representative.

For quick reference on how to create an order using the MAC Order System, use the following checklist. For more guidance, follow the detailed instructions below.

What you need before you start

  • Your MAC Order System Username and Password


Follow these easy steps

1. Log in to the MAC Order System

2. Enter your Username and Password

3. Click Log in

4. Click Create Order

Your order will open to a Status: Draft. You can save your order as a Draft and make updates anytime.

5. Enter a brief summary of your changes in the Order Description field.

6. Select a Site
(If you need to have a site added or removed please contact your Bell Aliant Representative to complete this change).

7. Enter additional site details in the More Site Detail: field. For example, telephone number, physical location of service, civic address etc.

8. Select the account from Bill to Account for billing purposes
(If you need to have an account added or removed please contact your Bell Aliant Representative to complete this change).

9. Enter additional account details in the More Account Detail: field. For example, bill to same account as telephone number: (Area Code) 456-7890 or bill to account number 1234567.

10. Enter On Site Contact information if the next three fields are not already filled-in. This information is necessary if you require a technician visit.

11. Enter any Internal Tracking Number: to identify this order against your internal tracking system. For example, you could enter a purchase order number or internal ticket number.

12. Select Rush Priority: if this is an urgent same day request.

13. Enter Request on Behalf Of: if the next three fields are not already filled-in and you want to identify the individual requesting the change.

14. Enter any additional instructions in Comments: that would be help to complete your request.


15. Add up to five attachments using the Add Attachment button. This could be a floor plan, diagram, word document, pdf or excel spreadsheet.

 16. Select the Add Item button to make your desired service changes.



17. Click Save draft to save your order as a draft order that you can go back in and update at a later time.

18. Click Clear to reset all the fields in your form. You will lose all your changes made up to this point.

19. Click Submit to send your order form to your Bell Aliant Service Representative.

You have successfully created an order