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Import a .PST file

Follow these easy steps

  1. Locate the .PST file on your hard drive [or copy it over from CD-ROM if that's where it's backed up]
  2. Right click on the .PST file on the hard disk and select Properties

  3. Remove the Read Only setting if enabled

    Click OK

  4. Open Outlook
  5. Select File > Import and Export

  6. Select Import from another program and click Next button

  7. Select Personal Folder File (.pst) and click Next button

  8. Click the Browse button

  9. Locate the .PST file, select it, then click Open

  10. Select Replace duplicates with items imported

    Click Next

  11. Ensure that Include subfolders is selected

    Ensure that Import items into the sane folder in: is set as Personal Folders

    Click Finish