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Learn online billing and get help signing up.

We have two online billing options for you to choose from:

Electronic Bill

Our Electronic Bill option gives you secure access to an electronic copy of your Bell Aliant paper bill, anytime.  Electronic Bill lets you turn off your paper bill making it easy to go paperless.  You will get an email notification each month when your Electronic Bill is ready to view.  Print only the bills you need and save the others for future use.

Here are some other features of Electronic Bill:

  • Get an exact copy of your paper bill that is easy to read and follow.
  • View up to 12 months of previous bills online.
  • Download and save all your bills for future reference.

View our Register for Electronic Bill support article for help getting signed-up.

Online Billing for Business

Our Online Bill Manager option is a secure online account management tool that lets you view a monthly summary of your Bell Aliant services.  You can get reports for your long distance usage, make a payment on your account or set up automatic payments using a debit or credit card. With Online Bill Manager you can quickly link in all your Bell Aliant Business accounts for one view of your monthly service charges and your paper bill is turned off automatically after three months.

Here are some other features of Online Bill Manager:

  • Get a monthly email notification when your statement is ready to view.
  • Compare your monthly statements and determine trends.
  • View a summary of your directory advertising charges.
  • Link-in your Bell Mobility business account(s).
  • View your online payment history.

View our Register for Online Bill Manager support article for help getting signed-up.