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Register for Online Billing for Business

Online Billing for Business makes it easy for you to view and manage all your Bell Aliant Business services online.  It is an online account management tool that gives you secure access to a monthly summary of your Bell Aliant landline account details and your Bell Mobility cellular account details. Once you register you will continue to get your paper bill for a couple of months, after which point your paper bill will be turned off.

You can register for Online Billing for Business and do things like:

  • Compare your monthly statements
  • Check your call usage and identify calling patterns
  • View a summary of your monthly service charges
  • View a summary of your directory advertising charges
  • Set up Auto-Pay from a bank account or a credit card
  • Make a one time payment
  • View your online payment history

For quick reference use the following checklist to register for Online Billing for Business. For more guidance, follow the detailed step-by-step instructions.

What you need before you start

  • Your Bell Aliant 8 digit account number
  • Your billing postal code
  • Your total due amount from your last bill


Follow these easy steps

Go to Online Billing for Business

  1. Go to My Business Account and click Go to Online Billing for Business.

  2. Click First Time User? Sign up now.

Enter your Account Information

To register, provide your account information to identify yourself.

  • Enter your Bell Aliant 8 digit Account Number. (If you are registering a Bell Mobility cellular account use the full 14 digit account number from your Bell Mobility bill.)
  • Enter your billing postal code. (Enter all 6 characters in either upper or lower case, both are accepted.)
  • Enter the Total due amount from your most recent bill.
  • Enter your Business name in the First Name field.
  • Use the Last Name field to complete the name of your Business. (You can also use this field to enter a c/o department or to enter a contact name. The First Name field and the Last Name field must contain information.)
  • Click Submit.

Enter your Personal Information

  • Enter a Login.
  • Enter a Password.
  • Confirm Password.
  • Enter your E-mail address.
  • Confirm E-mail address.
  • Select a Security Question from the drop down box or Create your own Security Question.
  • Enter a Security Answer.
  • Click Continue.

Set your Preferences

  • Select the Language in which you want to view your account information within the tool.
  • Select E-mail Notification to receive an email notification when your new statements are available online.
  • Check the box “I have read and accept the Terms of Use”.
  • Click Submit.