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TV is not displaying the channel content full screen or shows black bars

This indicates that the program is being broadcast in a different format then your TV is programmed to display. It often occurs when the show is broadcast in Standard Definition (SD) on and you have a High Definition (HD) TV.

To enlarge the picture:

  1. Press the ENTER/ZOOM button at the bottom of your Fibe remote.  The Viewing Options screen displays.
  2. Press the down-arrow on your remote to scroll to and select Aspect ratio
  3. Press OK on your remote.
  4. Use the up-or-down arrows to scroll to the option you prefer.
    • Stretch: This option stretches the Standard Definition (SD) content to give it more of a widescreen appearance. It may slightly distort the image.
    • Zoom 1, 2, 3: These options will zoom in on the image giving it more of a full screen appearance.
  5. Press OK on your remote.