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Watch TV shows that are blocked on my TV guide

Your receiver’s default parental-control setting blocks any content rated as R (Restricted), V (Violence) or AO (Adult Only), while you may have programmed other types of content to be blocked on your TV guide.

You must enter a 4-digit Parental-locking PIN to remove the lock.

To unlock content on your Fibe TV guide:

  1. Press the MENU button on your Fibe TV remote. The MENU screen appears.
  2. Use the right-arrow button on the remote to scroll to Settings. The Settings screen appears.

  3. Use the right-arrow button on the remote to scroll to Parental controls.

  4. Use the down-arrow button on the remote to scroll to Parental locking. Parental Control
  5. Press the OK button on the remote. The Parental locking - Settings screen appears.
  6. Use the number buttons on the remote to enter your 4-digit Parental-locking PIN into the input field.

    Note: If you have not set up a personalized parental-locking PIN, use the default PIN 1234.

    Parental Control
  7. Use the down-arrow button on the remote to scroll to any of the Change buttons to update the fields that show as locked.
  8. Press  OK button on the remote to unlock channels, rating classifications, time of day locks depending on the category you selected. The lock icon disappears from your selection.
  9. Press the left-arrow button on the remote to scroll to Save.

  10. Press the OK button on the remote. The category you selected, for example, Unrated content field displays None locked.

  11. Press the EXIT button on the remote to resume watching TV.

Any blocked content that was locked in your TV guide, is now available to watch and purchase, without the need to enter the parental-locking PIN.