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Add an alert when something happens

There are times when you may wish to know when something particular occurs in your household.  NextGen Home Security™ provides the ability to set up alerts when certain conditions occur such as a door opening or closing, a camera or sensor detecting motion, a siren sounding or when a smoke detector is triggered.

Setting up alerts can be done through the home security online portal.

What you need before you start:

  • Access to an Internet connection
  • A computer or a mobile device 
  • Your username and password for the home security online portal

Follow these easy steps

  1. Log into the online portal via   
  2. Enter your username and passcode and click Sign In.
    • Note: your username and password were provided by the technician on installation. If you do not have a username and password, please call support at 1-855-777-4117
  3. You will be prompted to set your Security Questions. These questions are important to complete for password recovery in case you forget your password. Once they have been completed, click on Save.

  1. Click on the Alerts tab.
  2. Click Add Alert.
  3. The Select Alert Type pop-up window appears.
  4. Accept the default selection, When something happens, and click OK.
  5. The Alert When Something Happens pop-up window appears.
  6. Select the conditions for your alert from this window:
    • Trigger:  Choose from a list of all sensors in your household. In the above example, Front Door is chosen.
    • Event: If a door is chosen, choose between Open or Closed.  There are different options available if you are creating an alert based upon the Camera, or the Motion or Smoke Detector.
    • Active: Choose between Always or During Selected Times/Days.  
    • If During Selected Times/Days is selected, enter Start and End Times
    • Days: Check the days you wish alert to be sent.
    • Additional Text and Attachments:  You can enter additional text shows up in the alert to help describe the conditions of your alert.  If you choose to send a picture or video clip, a new picture or video clip is automatically captured at the time of the event and sent along with the alert.
  7. Once you have made all required choices, click Save