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Add an automation

NextGen Home Security™ allows you to set up specific actions to occur automatically when certain triggers occur. For example, you could create an automation to take a picture when the door is opened or to turn off the lights when the door is closed.

You can add automations through the online portal.

Follow these easy steps

  1. Log into the online portal via   
  2. Enter your username and passcode and click Sign In.
    • Note: your username and password were provided by the technician on installation. If you do not have a username and password, please call support at 1-855-777-4117
  3. You will be prompted to set your Security Questions. These questions are important to complete for password recovery in case you forget your password. Once they have been completed, click on Save.

  1. Click on the Automations tab.
  2. Click on Add Automation.
  3. Select the trigger for your automation from the drop down list. The list of triggers available depends on which devices are installed in your home.
  4. Select an event from the Event drop-down list. The events listed are directly related to the selected trigger, so there are no options on this list until you select a trigger.
  5. From the Active drop-down list, select the conditions under which you want the automated action to occur:
    • Always: The automated action occurs at all times and in all modes when the trigger event occurs. If you want the automated action to occur any time the trigger event occurs, leave the default selection Always.
    • During Selected Times/Days:The automated action occurs on specify the times and days (by default all days are selected). If you deselect a day, this automated action does not occur on that day, even if the specified trigger event occurs on that day.
    • In Selected Modes: The automated action occurs in in specific security system states and modes the automated action is to occur (by default all states and all modes are selected). If you deselect a state or mode, this automated action does not occur while that state or mode is active, even if the specified trigger event occurs while that state or mode is active.
  6. Click Add actions
  7. Select the delay option you want to use for this action. For example, Wait 5 mins.
  8. Select the action you want to take place when the trigger occurs. If the action involves taking a picture or capturing a video clip, the resulting picture or video clip appears in the Cameras section of the Summary tab.
  9. To add an additional action, click Add another action and choose the action's delay and options. For each additional action, the delay refers to the amount of time between the end of the previous action and the start the new action. If you want a set of actions to occur in a particular order with delays between the actions, you need to add the actions in that order.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Click Save.