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Change how notifications are sent

Notifications can be sent via email or text messages. You can change how notifcations are sent at anytime through the online portal.

Follow these easy steps

  1. Log into the online portal via   
  2. Enter your username and passcode and click Sign In.
    • Note: your username and password were provided by the technician on installation. If you do not have a username and password, please call support at 1-855-777-4117
  3. You will be prompted to set your Security Questions. These questions are important to complete for password recovery in case you forget your password. Once they have been completed, click on Save.
  1. Click on the System Tab.  
  2. A list of your home security devices and their current status will appear.
  3. Click on My Profile. The username of current site owner and associated information appear.
  4. Click on Change next to the field Send Alerts for sites I own to...  
  5. Enter the following information:
    • If you wish to add a new email address, enter the address into in one fields. 
    • If you prefer text message delivery, enter the ten digit mobile number with no spaces  and select the wireless service provider for that number from the dropdown. 
  6.  Once complete, enter your password and click Save.