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Delete a Bell Aliant email address

Bell Aliant provides you with free, additional email addresses so you can create accounts for yourself or family members. You get 4 free additional email addresses with High-Speed, FibreOP or Dial-Up Unlimited and 2 free additional email addresses with Dial-Up 15 or 40 Hour service.

For quick reference, use the following checklist to create a new address or remove an existing email address. For more guidance, follow the detailed step-by-step instructions.

What you need before you start

  • Your My Account online log in information
  • Your email or Internet username and password
  • A 128-bit encryption-enabled browser


Follow these easy steps

Log in to My Account online

  1. Go to My Account.
  2. Enter your email address and your password.
  3. Select Log in

    Note: If you haven't registered for My Account, select the Register now button. You will need: 

    • Your Bell Aliant account number
    • The postal code where your services are currently installed

    For help registering, see our Register for My Account support article. 

Select Add/Remove email addresses

  1. Click Add/Remove email addresses from the My Services Internet block on the My Account overview page.
  2. If requested, enter your email address or Internet username and password.
  3. Click Continue.

    IMAGE: Add/Remove email address

How to remove an email address

  1. Click Remove beside the email address you wish to delete. Please note, if there is mail waiting in your inbox for this email address, it will be deleted from the server and you will not be able to retrieve it.
  2. Click Confirm to delete the email address or click Back to cancel.
  3. Click Confirm to add the email.
  4. Click OK to continue and return to the main screen.

    Image: remove an email address