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Fix issues with dropped calls

A dropped call is any call that disconnects for any reason other than hanging up at the end of your conversation.

For quick reference, use the following checklist to determine if your dropped call is a temporary interruption or if the problem is with the telephone set or jack. For more guidance, follow the detailed step-by-step instructions. 

When you experience a dropped call, is your connection with the other party completely cut off, or just temporarily interrupted?

  • Dropped calls (Temporary Interruptions): If you hear momentary interruptions while you are speaking, it might be an incoming Call Waiting beep on the other party's line. They hear a beep, but you may hear a sudden burst of dead air that gives the mistaken impression of a dropped call.
  • Dropped calls (Cut off from party): If you are losing your connection to the other party, determine if it is occurring on all your telephone sets, or just one. If occurring on all your phone sets, please contact us. If it is occurring on only one phone set, it is likely an issue isolated to the phone or jack. You can try another phone in the same jack to determine which is at fault.

Follow these easy steps

Trouble with the phone set

If you determine the trouble is with the phone:

  1. If your phone is rented from Bell Aliant, you can call 611 to arrange for home delivery of a new telephone set.
  2. If purchased from Bell Aliant, does it still fall under the one year warranty?
    • If still under warranty, call 611 to arrange for home delivery of a new set.
    • If beyond the one year date of purchase, correspond directly with the manufacturer of the telephone set.
  3. If your phone was not purchased from Bell Aliant, correspond directly with the manufacturer of your telephone set for repair.

Issue with the jack

If you determine it is an issue with the jack, then the problem may be with the wiring inside your home.

  1. Bell Aliant is responsible for providing service and dial tone to your Telephone Protector, a small grey or black box located either on the outside of your home or inside your home near your electrical panel. This is considered the demarcation point or virtual demarcation point, beyond which all wiring and equipment in the home is the responsibility of the home owner.
  2. If the problem is with the wiring inside your home or one of your jacks you have the following options:
    • Report your trouble and request a repair by calling 1-888-214-7896. Bell Aliant will dispatch a technician to repair your inside wiring. Please be advised that a minimum visit charge for labour and materials apply as Bell Aliant is not responsible for your inside wiring and jacks. 
    • You can call a qualified electrician, in your Bell Aliant Yellow Pages Directory.