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Fix issues with noise or static on my line

If you experience noise or static when you are on the phone, this could be caused by your:

  • Cordless phone or another household device
  • High-Speed internet and its filters (not applicable with FibreOP)
  • Phone set
  • Phone jack

To fix your noise or static issue:

Some cordless phones operate on the 2 GHz frequency range. If the base or handset of your cordless phone is close to a microwave oven, wireless router, or baby monitor that also operates on the 2 GHz range there can be interference to the cordless phone signal.

To reduce the phone static:

  1. Move the phone handset and / or base away from any of these devices.
  2. If this does not help:
  • If possible, change the frequency on your cordless phone to something other than 2 GHz.
  • Check your phone’s user manual for tips about static reduction.