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Get a copy of your Voicemail as an email attachment

All voicemail customers have the ability to receive a copy of messages via e-mail. Each e-mail would have an attachment that allows you to listen to your message as an audio file. If you decide to configure this part of your voicemail service, you are required to go to the Voicemail-to-Email portal located on and add the e-mail address to which you want your messages sent. You can also set notifications and other delivery and system options from here as well.

Follow these easy steps

  1. Go to

  2. Scroll down and click on Voicemail-to-Email on the right side of the page. A Login page appears

  3. Enter your area code and seven digit phone number and voicemail password. This is the same password you use to access your voicemail via telephone. Once complete, click Login. The Welcome screen appears.

  4. If this is your first time in the Voicemail-to-Email Web Portal and you are configuring your voicemail to send an e-mail each time a message is received, click on Options and then Notification Options. Notification options appear.

  5. Choose one of the three options under Select an email option. Descriptions of each are provided onscreen. Enter the e-mail address to which you want your messages sent. You can have up to three. Once complete, click Save and choose Miscellaneous Options in upper left of screen. The Miscellaneous Options screen appears.

  6. Set your desired choices for the Miscellaneous options. Descriptions of each are provided onscreen. Once complete, click on Security Options and then Challenge Questions. You are prompted to create security questions that you would answer if you forget your password or have failed login attempts.

  7. Choose the questions you wish to be asked and provide the corresponding answers. Once complete, click Save. You are now ready to receive your messages via telephone and e-mail.