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Loss of phone service

How will I know if there has been a loss of phone service

  • A yellow triangle will appear on the keypad and it will start to beep as long as you’ve not turned off this functionality
  • If you have established a system/device trouble alert, you will receive an alert if the standard test call is made during the outage period and no connection is made, as long as you have working internet service 

    What happens with the system:

    • Alarms will sound, but only in the home. There will be no communication to the central monitoring station.
    • Bell Aliant recommends adding cellular backup for additional protection.  If this is in place, the system will work as per usual 
    • Automations and alerts will continue to work as long as you have working internet service.

    What to do during the outage:

    • Acknowledge the keypad notification by pressing *2 and scrolling through the notifications
    • The beeping will stop, unless a new alarm event or condition happens
    • The troubles will clear once the next successful test call is made to the central monitoring station
    • No additional action is required once this occurs
    • Call Bell Aliant to advise of your phone outage