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Power outage

How will I know if there has been a power outage

  • A yellow triangle will appear on the keypad and it will start to beep as long as you’ve not turned off this functionality

    What happens with the system:

    • The security system is active on battery power for up to 8 hours.  
    • If triggered, life safety alarms will continue to sound and the system will communicate with the Central Monitoring Station while the battery power is available.
    • Automations and alerts will not be available during a power outage

    What to do during the outage:

    • Acknowledge the keypad notification by pressing *2 and scrolling through the notifications
    • The beeping will stop, unless a new alarm event or condition happens
    • The yellow triangle will remain illuminated until the issue has been resolved.
    • The security panel will beep when power has been restored.