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Register for My Account

My Account makes it easy to manage your payments and services:

  • View and pay your bill
  • Look up a previous bill
  • View or modify your bundle, home phone or Internet services


To register for My Account

  1. Go to My Account.
  2. Select Register now.
  3. The My Account Registration screen appears. Enter your information in the fields. You will need:
    • Your Bell Aliant account number
    • The postal code where your services are currently installed
  4. Select Continue.

    IMAGE: Enter your information

  5. Create your login credentials:

    My Account: Set email details and security questions

    1. Enter your preferred email address.
    2. Retype your email address to confirm it.
    3. Enter your preferred password.
    4. Retype your password to confirm it.
    5. Select a security question. We'll ask you this question if you need to reset your My Account password.
    6. Provide an answer to your security question.
    7. Retype your security answer to confirm it.
    8. Select Continue.
  6. The Set up billing preference screen appears. Select your billing preference and then Submit:
    1. Paperless billing to get a monthly email notification when your bill is ready to view
    2. Send me a payment reminder to get a reminder by email one week before your bill is due
    3. Paper bill to get a paper bill delivered to your mailing address each month 

Note: If you select Paperless billing we will also send you an email that asks you to confirm we are using the correct email address.  Open this email and select Confirm to validate your paperless billing email address.


Image: Bell Alaint communications and billing preferences

  1. Select Continue to confirm your email address


    Note: If you selected Regular paper bill go right to Step 9.


    Image: Confirm email address

  2. Select Continue to complete your My Account setup.


    Note: After you click Continue, the My Account - Account overview screen appears. Here you can view your account and bill details and manage your services online.



    Image: My Account Overview