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Set a zone to be bypassed

With NextGen Home Security™, you can bypass a zone when you need access to a protected area while the system is set to Armed Away. Bypassed zones will not sound an alarm if motion is detected while armed.

Follow these easy steps

  1. Disarm your system.
  2. Press *  on the keypad.  Press (*) for <> Zone Bypass appears on keypad.
  3. Press * again. 
  4. Scroll to Bypass Zones appears on keypad.
  5. Press the arrow keys on the kepypad to find the zone you wish to bypass.
  6. Once found, press * to select the zone.
  7. B appears on keypad to indicate the chosen zone is now bypassed.
  8. Press # on the keypad to return to the normal state.
  9. Once complete, you can now set to Armed Away status.

Additional information

This bypass feature remains in effect only as long as the security status is Armed Away. You are required to repeat these steps if you wish to bypass the same zone again at a future time.