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Set up and use the Fibe TV app on Android TV


What is the Fibe TV app on Android TV and what do I need to use it?

The Fibe TV app is available for certain Android TV devices, giving you access to your favourite Fibe TV content. The following Android TV devices are supported:

  • Sony Android TV
  • nVIDIA Shield
  • Xiaomi Mi Box



  • Fibe TV service with a PVR
  • An Android TV device. Learn more
  • My Account registration. Not registered for My Account? Learn how
  • Internet speed of 15 Mbps or higher is recommended
  • Google Play account Set one up

You can watch live Fibe TV content on an Android TV device only from your home. If you try to watch live Fibe TV content when away from home, you will get an error message even if you’re logged in to My Account on the Android TV device.


Setting up an Android TV device and the Fibe TV app for the first time


Troubleshooting the Fibe TV app on an Android TV device