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Set up Twitter on my TV

To access the Twitter App on Bell Aliant's FibreOP TV, you need an active Twitter account with knowledge of your login information and access to a computer with an internet connection.

Once you are logged into the Twitter application on the TV, use the arrows keys on the remote to navigate to your desired location onscreen.

Part 1 - Registration of Email Address on Twitter TV App

1.  Press Menu on remote and scroll over to Apps. Choose Twitter.

2. Scroll over to Create a new user, if not already highlighted. Press OK on remote.

The set up requirements are presented onscreen.

3. Press Continue.

Two alphabetical scrolling bars appear.

4. Use the arrow keys on the remote to navigate to the two letter bars. Scroll to the first letter in the email address used to login to Twitter. Press OK on remote. Repeat this process until you have entered the email address in its entirety. Scroll down to OK option onscreen.

A prompt appears to confirm the email address you entered.

5. Scroll to Yes onscreen and press OK on remote.

An activation email is now sent to the email address you specified. It is from

Part 2 - Choosing a PIN via the Application Email

6.  Go to your email account and open the email from Click on the link at the bottom.

You are prompted to enter a PIN.

7. Enter and re-enter your desired four digit code. Click OK onscreen.

A confirmation message appears.

Part 3:  First Login on TV for Facebook App.

8.  Press Menu on remote and scroll over to Apps. Choose Twitter.

9.  Scroll over to Sign-in, if not already highlighted.  Press OK on remote and enter the four digit PIN you created. You are now ready to start using the Twitter for FibreOP TV App.