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Stop receiving obscene calls

If you are receiving obscene or harassing calls:

  1. DON'T TALK. The caller wants an audience; don't provide one.
  2. HANG UP AND NOTE THE TIME AND DATE OF THE CALL when the caller doesn't talk, says an obscene word, or doesn't identify themselves.
  3. ACTIVATE CALL TRACE (*57). After receiving an obscene or harassing call, hang up, then immediately pick up the receiver. After you hear the dial tone, press *57. A recorded voice will confirm that the call has been traced. Please note that *57 (Call Trace) will only trace the last number that calls your line, so be sure to use Call Trace immediately after you receive the harassing call.
  4. CALL THE POLICE when you receive calls of a threatening nature. The police will contact Bell Aliant to help identify the caller, and will need the time and date of the call for any further investigation. The Criminal Code of Canada provides penalties for making obscene, harassing or threatening telephone calls.

Call Trace should only be used when you are ready to contact the police and willing to take legal action against the caller. Aliant will release the traced number only on presentation of proper legal authorization and ONLY TO THE POLICE.