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Troubleshoot problems sending or receiving emails

What you need before you start

  • Your Bell Aliant e-mail address and password. If you do not know your Bell Aliant e-mail address or password, contact us.
  • Travelling outside North America: If you’re having trouble sending or receiving emails with your phone, tablet or email software, log in to webmail instead. 

Follow these easy steps

  1. Verify that you can connect to the Internet and that the mail server was not temporarily unavailable, by browsing to a few websites (,, etc).
  2. Check that your email is set up correctly
  3. Log in to to ensure you are using the proper e-mail address and password.
  4. Send an e-mail to yourself to determine whether the issue you are experiencing is with an individual e-mail or with the configuration of your e-mail software. If you receive the test email, the configuration is correct.
  5. Check if the recipient is having technical difficulties on their end, such as a full mailbox. Read the automatic reply that gets returned for a specific error message.
  6. Be sure to verify the integrity of the e-mail address of the individual you are sending to, including spelling and proper syntax (example - [email protected]).
  7. Verify that you have a valid e-mail address entered for the reply-to or e-mail address field in your e-mail software.
  8. Reboot your computer and try to send/receive e-mail again.