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Turn on / off Battery Mode

Upgrades are being made to our Internet Security Services. Learn how to Download and install Internet Security Services to get the most current version.

Battery mode is designed for laptop and tablet users. It minimizes the impact on power consumption when the battery charge level is lower than you define.

When Internet Security Services is in Battery Mode:

  • Internet Security Services Automatic Updates are postponed.
  • Scheduled scans are postponed.
  • The Security Widget is turned off.

To turn off Battery mode

  1. Open Internet Security Services.
  2. Click on the Tools icon. The Tools screen appears.

    Internet Security Service Tool

  3. Click on Profiles. The Profiles screen appears. 

    Internet Security Service Profiles

  4. In the Profiles window, click the Battery Mode tab. The Battery mode screen appears.

    Internet Security Service Battery Mode

  5. Click the checkmark to turn off automatic Battery Mode.

    Internet Security Service Switch


To turn on Battery Mode