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Turn on / off Data Protection

Upgrades are being made to our Internet Security Services. Learn how to Download and install Internet Security Services to get the most current version.

You can protect the data on your computer with data protection rules.

To turn on Data Protection :

  1. Open Internet Security Services.
  2. Click the Privacy icon.
  3. Click Data Protection protection.
  4. If Data Protection is turned off, click on the X to turn it on.
  5. Click Add rule. The Internet Security Services Data Protection Rule screen appears.
  6. Enter the following:
    1. Rule name: Type a name for the rule you are creating
    2. Rule type: Select from the dropdown the type of rule you would like to create.
    3. Rule data: Type the information you would like to protect. For example, if you are creating a rule to protect tour email address you would enter your email address here.
    4. Rule description: Type a short description for your rule
  7. Click Next. The Settings screen appears.
  8. By default, all scanning protocols will be used and will apply to the current Windows user. You can change these settings by clicking on the checkmarks or radio buttons.
  9. Click Finish.
  10. Your rule is now created. You can add new rules by repeating the steps 6, 7, 8.