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Using 24/7 local recording


The indoor camera model ADC-V515 and outdoor camera model ADC-V723 can record and encrypt video to a micro SD card inserted into them 24/7. You can enjoy continuous, uninterrupted local recordings for each camera that contains a micro SD card.

24/7 local recording is available as an add-on for up to two eligible cameras at no extra charge.

Key features

  • Multiple viewing options

    View recorded video on your local network (i.e., the same network as the camera) or remotely using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

  • Activity timeline

    System events, such as clips triggered by video analytics, are noted in the playback timeline on the website.

  • Rolling recordings

    The oldest video content on the card is automatically deleted to make room for new recordings.

  • Data encryption

    Recorded video is encrypted and can only be viewed when the SD card is in the camera that recorded it.

Compatible SD cards

SD cards from SanDisk and Vital up to 256 GB are supported. A minimum of 64 GB is recommended. You can purchase them at The Source.

Localized recordings

The micro SD card can only store video footage from the camera it is inserted into. You can remove the card from the camera and put it back later. Unless the card was used in another device after you removed it, the footage remains on the card until it is full, at which time the oldest data is deleted to make room for new recordings.

Recording capacity

The number of recording days varies depending on the recording quality and the capacity of the card. The amount of motion in the camera’s viewing scene also affects capacity.

Below is a table of estimated recording days based on moderate motion for different recording quality settings and card capacities.

Important : The following estimates are for reference only; actual days of storage may vary.

Recording quality 64 GB 128 GB 256 GB
Low: 640 × 360 10 fps 15 days 29 days 59 days
1280 × 720 10 fps
7 days 15 days 29 days
High: 1920 × 1080 15 fps 4 days 7 days 15 days
Max: 1920 × 1080 30 fps 2 days 5 days 10 days

Installation and configuration

Frequently asked questions

Question - Can a single SD card record video from multiple devices?

Answer - No. The SD card can only record video from the device it is currently installed in.

Question - Are there local network requirements for recording to an SD card like there are for the SVR?

Answer - No. The SD card can record video as long as the video device is enrolled and operational.

Question - Can video continue to record to an SD card through network disruptions?

Answer - Yes. As long as the video device has power, it can record to an SD card through a network disruption.