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Wireless TV troubleshooting - R3000 + 4K

There are several things that could be causing problems with your wireless TV.

Please check the following to resolve your issue:


Check that your Wireless 4K Whole Home PVR is paired to the R3000.

  1. Wait for Connecting to your receiver to appear on screen.

  2. When the instruction screen appears, press and hold the WPS button for more then 5 seconds.

  3. Within 2 minutes to press the OK button on your receiver or you will need to repeat step 2 again.

  4. Wait for the Connected message to appear on your TV screen.

  5. Reboot your HD receiver to complete the pairing process.


Check the signal strength on your Wireless 4K Whole Home PVR


Reboot your modem


Reboot your receivers

If you are still having problems, please repeat these steps again or contact us for help.