Installation technician

Professional installation by our Fibe-certified technician

  • You can book a convenient appointment
  • Our friendly and professional technician will:
    • Call ahead to confirm your appointment
    • Discuss your service needs before they begin
    • Check that everything is working, on completion
    • Introduce you to your new equipment

Installation details

Step 1: Arranging the installation is easy

You book a convenient appointment time and we call to confirm it.

Step 2: Bringing Fibe into your business

We discuss where Fibe can be brought into your business and where you want to locate your equipment.

Step 3: Connecting your equipment

Our technician connects Fibe to the equipment in your business.

Step 4: Peace of mind

Our technician cleans up and introduces you to your new equipment.

Already have Fibe TV?

Change your TV services

  • Update channels and Theme Packs
  • Add more TVs / receivers
  • Upgrade to HD or PVR
Call 1-844-294-3926 to make a change.