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Change the display style of my On Demand guide

The On Demand guide automatically loads in the Grid View, which displays poster-images of available movie and TV content. List view displays available content as text lists — without the poster images.

You can change the display style of your On Demand guide from Grid View to List View

Change the display style of your On Demand guide:

  1. Press the ON DEMAND button on your Fibe remote.

  2. Use the down-arrow button on the remote to scroll to Display Style.

  3. Press the OK button. The Display Style screen appears.

  4. Use the up or down-arrow on the remote to select:

    • Grid View to display poster images of available programs
    • List View to display a scrollable text-list of available programs


  5. Press the OK button to select your preferred Display Style.

  6. Press the BACK button on the remote to return to the main page of the On Demand guide to see your updated Display Style.