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Connect my iPod, iPhone or iPad to Wi-Fi

To connect your iPod, iPhone or iPad:

  1. From the Apple device Home Screen tap Settings.
  2. Tap Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is turned off, tap the On/Off switch. 

    Tap Wi-Fi in the mobile device Settings screen

  3. In the Choose a Network section, tap your network name for your Wi-Fi.


    Tap the wireless network name

  4. Enter the password for your Wi-Fi in the Password field.


    Enter your password, then tap Join

  5. Tap Join

    Note: A checkmark will appear beside the network name when you have connected to your Wi-Fi.

    A checkmark will appear beside the wireless network name

    Additional information

    If you have difficulties setting up your Apple device or need more help on using it, please contact your cellular provider directly. If you are using Bell Mobility, visit Bell Support.