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Find numbers using directory assistance

Local, national, U.S.A. and toll-free directory assistance calls are subject to a charge of $2.99 for each number provided to you. This charge will appear on your phone bill. We will connect the call for you at no extra charge.


Get phone numbers within your area code or province

  • Dial 411
  • Provide the name and city of the listing you're looking for

Get phone numbers outside your province or in the U.S


Get toll-free (1 800) phone numbers


Get overseas phone numbers

  • Dial '0' (zero) to request overseas directory assistance
  • Provide the name, city, province or state of the listing you're looking for 

TTY users

  • Dial 711
  • Request Canadian and U.S. phone numbers at no charge:
    • Customers with disabilities may be eligible for no-charge directory assistance option
    • Allows 100 free directory assistance calls per month placed from the customer's residence
    • Call 1-800-694-9313 to apply for this exemption

Free directory assistance for certain numbers

There is no directory assistance charge for:

  • Requests from public payphones for a telephone number within the local area code
  • Requests from provincially-administered hospitals for a local telephone number
  • Requests for a toll free service operator (1-800, 866, 877, 888)
  • Requests for emergency numbers

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