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Ident-A-Call gives you a second phone number for your existing phone with it's own distinctive ring. It lets you know who the call is for before you answer, giving you the option of only answering calls that are for you.

What you need to know before you start

  • Ident-A-Call is available on a subscription basis only. To subscribe to this service visit My Account.

Follow these easy steps

Ident-A-Call and Call Waiting

  1. If you subscribe to both Ident-A-Call and Call Waiting, the Call Waiting beep mimics the distinctive ring of Ident-A-Call.

If Ident-A-Call not working

  1. Remember that Ident-A-Call is not an additional phone line. If your phone line is in use and you do not subscribe to Bell Aliant's Voicemail or Call Waiting, incoming callers will receive a busy signal.
  2. Some cordless phones do not process the different ring patterns and consequently ring normally for all incoming calls. Check the User Manual for your phone to be sure.
  3. If you already have a distinctive ring for incoming long distance calls, be careful not to confuse it with Ident-A-Call's distinctive ring. If you do have a distinctive ring for long distance calls, try disabling it by dialing *49.