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Using the Fibe TV app

Step 1: About the Fibe TV app

The Fibe TV app lets you enjoy live TV, on-demand content and recordings at home and on the go. Watch content on your smartphone, tablet, computer, Apple TV, AirPlay-enabled TVs, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Edition and Chromecast.

Key Fibe TV app features:

  • Watch your TV programming
  • See what’s trending at any time and easily search for shows
  • Set, watch and manage recordings

Step 2: Installing the app

Fibe TV customers can download the Fibe TV app at no cost.

Supported devices:

  • Android smartphones and tablets (OS 5.0+)
  • Apple smartphones and tablets (iOS 12.0+)
  • Apple TV, 4th generation or higher
  • AirPlay on Apple TV and AirPlay-enabled TVs
  • All versions of Chromecast
  • Android TV: Bell Streamer, Android TV, smart TVs, nVIDIA Shield, Xiaomi Mi Box
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic Edition
  • Computer: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari* browsers by visiting

* To access Fibe TV app content and features using Safari, please go to Safari > Settings > Privacy and unselect Hide IP address, and/or disable iCloud Private Relay on your Apple device. Alternatively, you can use the app with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox.


  • Fibe TV service
  • My Account registration
  • Internet speed of 15 Mbps or higher is recommended

After you install the app, log in using your My Account username and password.

Note: the Fibe TV app cannot be operated on a device that has been tampered with (i.e., rooting or jailbreaking). The app does not support screen mirroring and screen casting from smartphones and tablets.

Step 3: Using the app

You can use the Fibe TV app on multiple devices at once. Simply install the app on each device and enjoy.

Things to remember:

  • When connected to your home Bell Wi-Fi, you can have unlimited devices watching content simultaneously and unlimited devices registered.
  • When not connected to your home Bell Wi-Fi, you can have three devices watching content simultaneously and five devices registered.
  • You can download a recording on only one mobile or tablet device at a time.
  • Once you download a recording, you can no longer watch it on another device with the app, but you can still watch it on your Fibe TV box.
  • Rentals are only available on Android devices.

Learn about using the app on different devices:

Step 4: Recordings

The Fibe TV app gives you remote PVR features, letting you manage and/or watch your recordings from anywhere.

To set a recording:

  1. Select the content you want to record and select the red Record button.
  2. Modify your recording options, such as what you are recording, how long you should keep the recording and when it will stop recording.

Step 5: Downloads

To download available on-demand or recorded content on a mobile or tablet device:

  • Select the show or Movie and select Download.

The show will appear in your watchlist.

Step 6: Managing your devices

  1. Press the Home button on your Fibe TV Voice Remote and select Settings.
  2. Scroll to My Account.
  3. Select Manage Devices. You’ll see your registered devices.
  4. Select a device to remove it.