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Stay connected during a power outage to your fibre-to-the-home phone service

As of June 1, 2021, Bell has discontinued the sale of batteries that power your phone service during a power outage. If you require phone service during power outages, you will need to purchase a battery from a third-party retailer to power the in-home fibre equipment. You can find the battery in the battery backup unit.

Knowing when to replace the battery

Replacement battery specifications

Replacing my home phone battery - Identifying your battery backup unit

Replacing my home phone battery – Locating and removing the old battery

  1. Your Bell battery is located close to where the service comes into your home and is usually in the basement or garage. Once you have found the battery, unplug the power supply.

    PLEASE NOTE: The battery can be replaced without shutting down the system. The fibre-to-the-home UPS must remain connected to the AC mains. If you disconnect the fibre-to-the-home UPS from the AC mains, service will be lost when the battery is removed.

  2. Identify which type of battery unit is installed in your home.

  3. Open the battery unit by pressing the latch as indicated in the image below

  4. Remove the battery, being careful not to damage the wires between the battery and the compartment. Model B has clips holding the battery in place. If you have this model, use your fingers to the push the bottom clip down while dislodging the battery. Use the same approach with the top clip.

  5. Disconnect the red wire clip from the positive red terminal by sliding it off. Disconnect the black wire clip from the negative black terminal of the old battery by sliding it off.

  6. Carefully set aside the old battery.

Replacing my home phone battery - Installing the new battery

Safety warnings

Warranty and returning the old battery