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Watch an on-demand TV show

Many popular on-demand shows and series are included with your Fibe TV channel package subscriptions.

To watch an on-demand TV show or series:

  1. Press the ON DEMAND button on your Fibe remote.

  2. Use the down-arrow button on the remote to scroll to TV.

  3. Press the OK button. The Movies screen appears.

  4. Use the up or down-arrows on the remote to find a category.

  5. Select View all and press the OK button on the remote to see all the shows in that category.

  6. Select a show to watch and press the OK button on the remote.

  7. On the Summary information screen, select one of the following options:
    • Play (icon): to watch this movie or program. Note: The Play (icon) is not present if you do not subscribe to the TV channel that airs your selected program, the Play icon is not visible. To find out ho to add new channels please view our Add new TV channels in My Account article.
    • Wishlist (icon): add this show to your list of shows to watch / rent later