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What are apps on Fibe TV and how do I use them?

Bluetooth Slim

Fibe TV app

Get information on how to use the Fibe TV app to access your Fibe TV channels from your smartphone, tablet and streaming devices. Learn more about the Fibe TV app.

Bluetooth Slim


Access Crave from your Fibe TV receiver. Learn more about Crave with Bell.

Prime Video

Prime Video

Access Amazon Prime Video from your Fibe TV receiver. Learn more about Prime Video with Bell.



Access hayu from your Fibe TV receiver. Learn more about hayu with Bell.



Access YouTube from your Fibe TV receiver. Learn more about YouTube with Bell.


Atlantic Radio

Enjoy live broadcasts from Atlantic Canada radio stations through one easy-to-use menu.


Stingray Music

The Stingray Music app, only available on Fibe TV, lets you access all your favourite stations through an easy-to-use menu. You can browse stations by genre, see a list of recently played songs, display album cover art, and get detailed information on the artists and songs you’re listening to.


Holiday Countdown (available seasonally)

Watch Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve, play a variety of festive games, sing holiday karaoke tunes and much more.

FibreOP TV Slim


Access Netflix from your Fibe TV receiver. Learn more about Netflix with Bell.

How do I find apps on Fibe TV?

To start using applications on Fibe TV, follow these simple steps:

  1. Press the Interactive TV or Apps button, depending on your remote control. The apps appear at the bottom of your TV screen.
  2. Scroll sideways to find the app you want.
  3. Press SELECT and follow the on-screen directions.

NOTE: Some applications require additional setup steps.

To navigate within the Apps tab, use the up/down/left/right/select buttons on your Fibe TV remote control.

Is there a cost to use apps on Fibe TV?

You get the apps at no extra charge when you subscribe to Fibe TV